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-Sock Puppet SP Abuse滥用马甲、小号SP的行为

-Compromised Account VCAC Abuse滥用破坏性账户VCAC

-Shill Abuse诈骗性滥用

-Paid Abuse付费滥用

-Paid Velocity Abuse付费速度滥用

-Paid Top Reviewer Collusion Abuse付费顶级评论员串通滥用行为

-Paid Reviewer Collusion Abuse付费审查员串通滥用

-Ranking Abuse排名滥用

-External Evidence MO外部证据MO

-External Site(Review Clubs/Fans Club)外部网站(评论俱乐部/粉丝俱乐部)

Sock Puppet/马甲/小号/黑号

Compromised Account VCAC Abuse


- ASIN下如果有几个卖家在跟卖,如果其中一个跟卖在前后7天内留评,该跟卖者是被识别为SP


- 查这些ASIN下的所有卖家账号,查核元素有∶ rare IP/login proximity, UBID, FUBID, CC,如果有符合,这些卖家账号都被识别为SP

- 卖家账号一般不用来购买产品,容易关联账号

- 通常大卖家都有很多小号,小号定义元素∶F-UBID, U-BID, CC, rare IP with close sign-in proxy (VPS)

Buyer Seller Communication BSC Abuse

买方卖方沟通 BSC 滥用

- 只索要好评

- 问差评

- 非中立/倾向性误导索要评价

- 给退款索要评价

- 卖家给出一条直达5星好评的AMZ留评链接


Abuse 滥用

"If you are going to leave anything less than a 5-star review, please stop and contact me so I can make it right." (翻译 "如果你要留下任何低于五星的评论,请停下来与我联系,以便我可以把它纠正过来。"

Note: They are asking for a positive review.(翻译 注意 他们要求的是积极的评论。

"Can I make you an offer? Can I offer you a 20% discount as compensation for leaving a review?" (翻译 "我可以给你一个提议吗?我可以给你提供20%的折扣作为留下评论的补偿吗?"

Note: They are offering compensation for a review. (翻译 注 他们为评论提供了补偿。

"Please delete the review after we have solved the issue."(翻译 "请在我们解决这个问题后删除评论。"

Note: They are asking for a review to be removed. (翻译 注 他们正在要求删除评论。

"We noticed that you have left us a 3-star review. We are deeply sorry that our products didn't meet your expectations. As your feedback means a lot to us, could you kindly help us change the review to 5 stars and we will provide you $10 as compensation?" (翻译 "我们注意到你给我们留下了一个3星的评论。我们对我们的产品没有达到你的期望深感抱歉。由于您的反馈对我们意义重大,您能否帮助我们将评论改为5星,我们将为您提供10美元作为补偿?"

Note: They are asking for a review to be changed. (翻译 注 他们要求改变评论。


"If you don't believe we have earned please contact me so I can make .….(翻译 "如果你不相信我们已经赚到了,请与我联系,以便我可以进行.....。

Note: There is no request for them a review. (翻译 注意 没有要求他们留评论。

"You do not have to leave a review complimentary bottle. (翻译 "你不需要留下评论"。

Note: There is no review required (翻译 注意 不需要留评论

"We would appreciate a review (翻译 "我们希望得到一个评论

Note: This is a neutral request, not a review. (翻译 注意 这是一个中立的请求,而不是一个评论。

"If you don't believe we have earned please contact me at mypersonalemall@can make it right." (翻译 "如果你不相信我们已经赚到了, 我 mypersonalemall@可以让它变得正确。"

Note: There is no mention of a (翻译 注 没有提到一个

Paid Abuse



- GC gift card GC 礼品卡

- Promo Codes 促销代码

- Sample product sent to the customer 寄给客户的样品产品

Paid Velocity Abuse


卖家账号可以用ASIN 者评价来关联Abuse,追溯期当一个ASIN获取第一个评价开始4周内

- 好多5星评价。

- 专业刷单获取评价

Paid Reviewer/Top Reviewer Collusion Abuse



- 相关买家留评价用差不多 者相同的习惯留评

- 一直有好评 者一直有差评的卖家

- 很多NON-VP评价 .

- 以上查核已经是自动化,不需要人工介入 .

Ranking Abuse


卖家账号可以用评价来关联Abuse, 真实买家经常买东西,而且都留评价,不一定是PRMO.但是有以下适配的情况

- 相关买家留评价用差不多 者相同的习惯留评

- 一直有好评 者一直有差评的卖家-

如果一个卖家在一个ASIN里7个自然日内出现4个 者以上评价,surpress评价,会采取措施,对reviewer和卖家


External Evidence MO

外部证据 MO

-Abusive emails 辱骂性电子邮件

-Flyers 信件

-Coupons 优惠券

-Brochures 小册子

-mailer 邮件

External Review Club/Fans Club


Warn/警告∶ One or more instances of review abuse are identified and the seller has not been previously warned for review abuse. (翻译 发现有一个 多个滥用评论的情况,而且卖家以前没有因为滥用评论而被警告过。

Warn Grace Period when...(翻译 警告并给宽限期

If new abuse is found 1-8 days after a warning is sent, email the seller to notify that if they continue to manipulate reviews, we will suspend. (翻译 如果在发出警告的1-8天后发现新的滥用行为,请发电子邮件通知卖家,如果他们继续操纵评论,我们将暂停。

Suspend and Transfer to AHS when...(翻译 暂停并转入AHS,当...

Suspend并转到AHS部门∶When the seller is identified as a New Seller and qualifies to be suspended for a High-Risk MO.(翻译: 当卖家被确定为新卖家并符合被暂停高风险MO的条件。)

Do NOT Suspend but transfer to AHS when...(翻译 不要暂停,而是转到AHS,当...

1. When the seller is identified as a New Seller and qualifies to be suspended for a Low-Risk MO (BSC & SHILL) (翻译 当卖方被确定为新的卖方,并有资格被暂停低风险MO(BSC和SHILL 。

2. When the seller is identified as an Established Seller and qualifies to be suspended for any MO (includes both High Risk & Low Risk) EXCEPT VCAC. (翻译 当卖家被认定为既定卖家,并符合任何MO(包括高风险和低风险 的暂停资格,但VCAC除外。

Suspend only when..(翻译 仅在以下情况下暂停。

When a seller qualifies to be suspended for VCAC.(翻译 当卖方有资格被暂停VCAC时。

Suspend Grace Period when...(翻译 暂停宽限期,当...

If new abuse is found 1-8 days after suspension began, email the seller to notify that if they continue to manipulate reviews, we will block.(翻译 如果在暂停服务开始后的1-8天内发现新的滥用行为,请发电子邮件通知卖家,如果他们继续操纵评论,我们将封锁。

Block when...(翻译 阻止当...

1. New abuse is identified after the Suspension Grace Period has passed.(翻译 在停学宽限期过后发现有新的虐待行为。

2. If the seller goes into the watchlist and a valid POA has not been received.(翻译 如果卖家被列入观察名单,并且没有收到有效的POA。

3. Abuse is identified 9 or more days after reinstatement.(翻译 滥用行为在恢复后9天 更长时间被发现。

File a Second Opinion Ticket when...(翻译 在以下情况下提交第二意见单...

The seller has a GMS of>500K in the currency of the respective marketplace. Note: For sellers in the JP marketplace. the GMS must be greater than 50000K. Check the Performance tab of the seller account in the appropriate marketplace to confirm a seller's GMS.(翻译 卖家的GMS超过50万,以各自市场的货币计算。注意 对于JP市场的卖家,GMS必须大于50000K。检查相应市场中卖家账户的业绩标签,以确认卖家的GMS。

Annotate and refer to appropriate SOP when...(翻译 注释并参考适当的SOP,当...

A Gold- or Platinum-level seller qualifies for a suspension or block. Annotate account with notes on new abuse and refer to the Block and Suspension of Gold or Platinum Sellers SOP before taking suspension or block actions on Gold or Platinum sellers.(翻译 一个黄金 白金级别的卖家有资格被暂停 封杀。在对黄金 白金级卖家采取暂停 封杀行动之前,在账户上注解新的滥用行为,并参考黄金 白金级卖家的封杀和暂停的SOP。

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